Operating Principles

Aside from the application of state-of-the-art hardware and software for translation and text editing, termonology synchronization, internet investigation, quality control as well as formatting, the specifi characteristic of my working method particularly appreciated by my clients is the DIRECT CONTACT between me as the translator himself and the original author or the person who ordered the translation.

This helps to avoid textual errors, and unclear passages can be clarified right at the outset. Furthermore, this direct contact, which distinguishes my offer from that of any “We-are-translating-any-language” translation agency, allows very swift and economical processing of your texts.

Source texts already available in digial format (MS Office) are translated directly with the respective Office program, so taht their format remains just as it was. In all other cases, attractive formatting of your document is part of my offer for all-inclusive translation service. If necessary, any supplementary translation of texts in graphics, diagrams, legends/keys, etc. will be charged in hours.

The application of one of the best translation memory programs (Wordfast Classic) guarantees continous conformity of customary or company-specific terms and significantly improves the quality and consistency of translation – especially in case of follow-up orders. In addition, it is also possible to prepare bilingual glossaries including the most frequently used terms. Clients are free to use these glossaries for future translations to be prepared by themselves.